City Series: New York City

It's the concrete jungle where dreams are made of. It's hard to come by someone who does not dream of visiting New York City. The city that literally never sleeps.

Our Fable ambassador, Cedya of JDA Outfit, had this very dream and shares her journey to living there and her top places to visit.

The Fable True White shirt

True White silk shirt

New York City was always on the top of my bucket list. Every year I visited this beautiful city of endless high energy and great diversity.

Then my dream came true two years ago when I moved to New York and got married to my love.

Of course, there’s no limit to the things to do or see in New York!

My favourite restaurants

I love Mediterranean food so I always choose some Turkish restaurants and Antique Garage. This restaurant is located in Soho and Tribeca.

I love brunch on the weekend. One of my personal favourites which was recommended to me is the Mediterranean Breakfast: organic jams, honey, assorted cheese, olives, tomatoes, peppers, hard boiled egg, yogurt, and simit.

They serve lunch and dinner daily as well as brunch on weekends, accompanied by live music.

You can choose Tribeca for a special event or birthday party. You can fall in love with so many things at this place. It's an authentic restaurant with unique decorations on plates and mirrors.

Favourite Rooftop Bar

I have so many favourite rooftops but I will share my top two. The Standard High Line in the Meatpacking District to check out the stunning view and listen to the music of New York City, it is truly one of a kind. You can enjoy the most stunning view of New York, while indulging in afternoon coffee.

If you want to explore other places, you can choose 230 Fifty Roof Top. It has an amazing view of New York and delicious cocktails!

The Fable Sailors silk shirt

The Sailors silk shirt

Best Shopping Experience
My favourite shopping centre is Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is located in Central Valley, New York. This is where you can find all the brands you are looking for. You can get the famous brands at reasonable prices. The food courts are amazing as well and have many different food options available. Every tourist should go and experience it!
Favourite Season
My favourite seasons are spring and summer. The best thing for me about these seasons is they are 'optimistic' seasons. I always think the best of things when summer comes. I am more powerful and active when spring comes. When summer time starts, you can wear lighter clothes, which are much more comfortable. I always prefer a silk top and casual outfits.

The Fable Starry Starry Night silk t-shirt

Starry Starry Night silk t-shirt

Favourite Silk Shirt By The Fable?

There is nothing quite like a silk shirt. I love all of The Fable silk shirts! It’s the symbol of effortless chic - they are timeless, completely versatile, and always an elegant addition to any wardrobe, which can be worn in all seasons.

You also can never go wrong with a striped silk shirt, like The Sailors – it’s a must in every wardrobe!

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