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What is "desk zen" and how can it be achieved?

The benefits of keeping your desk clean and tidy are well documented. Increased efficiency and productivity, stress reduction and sending the right message if you work in an office.  We all have that one colleague whose desk is over flowing with dirty tupperware, paper and gadgets… the first question generally asked is how they manage to get any work done.   What ever your motivation, keeping a tidy, clutter free and aesthetically pleasing desk aka "desk zen" will help you in many ways.  You may even find yourself excited to arrive at work on Monday morning.

Whether you work from home, a co-share or a large office the same principals of "desk zen" apply.  To help you achieve them, we've compiled a few tips and tricks and images of some of our favourite desks to serve as inspiration.

 Leave only the essentials

Decide what you actually use on a day to day basis and have only these items on your desk, put the rest away.  Research shows that having empty space on your desk helps to promote a clear mind and creative thinking.

Hide messy cables

They're unsightly and create unnecessary clutter. If you can’t hide them completely, band them together.   One lump of cables is better than six stragglers.

Add some plant life

Here at The Fable we’re a big fan of green friends.  Their addition can add instant zen to a an otherwise sterile work space.  Succulents are a great choice as they’re resilient, low maintenance and generally don’t require abundant natural light if you’re lacking this. 

Add a photo, but not ten

Having photos of loved ones can bring happy vibes to a work space.  If you're having a bad day, they offer a nice reminder of what you're going home to.  Add one or two and if you can, get them framed.  Try to avoid a kodak collage as tempting as it may be, they'll serve as distractions and infringe on your negative space.

Tidy at the end of every day

Achieving desk zen once is easy, maintaining it is hard.  Make it your policy that you don't leave your work space for the day until it is tidy.  It will only take a few moments but will make returning to work the next day far more enjoyable and will help make "desk zen" a permanent fixture in your life.

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