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Travel Tips by The Fable


Packing for a holiday can be tricky business. Pack too much and you encumber yourself with unnecessary luggage. Pack too little and you can be caught out with nothing to wear in potentially precarious locations where “free express shipping” is not an option. Finding the balance is a fine art, however once mastered, can reduce your packing admin to near nonexistence.
Here at The Fable, we have compiled our top travel packing tips. Tried and tested, they have been applied for buying trips across India and China to great success.

  • If possible, take carry on only. With smart packing, a hard shell carry on suitcase can fit more you think. The benefits of this one are obvious but sometimes forgotten. No waiting at the airport carousel. No risk of luggage going MIA and piece of mind knowing no one can tamper with your belongings, especially if you’re venturing off the beaten track.
  • Pack an extra fabric bag to serve as your second suitcase. The right one will fold down to next to nothing and give you the flexibility of bringing home treasures should you wish. We love Country Road canvas totes. 
  • Choose wearable and practical fabrics. The contents of your suitcase will of course depend on where you are travelling to however this principal can be applied regardless of destination or season. We recommend neutral shades and fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. All are easy to care, can be worn day or night and you can get away with wearing them multiple times without appearing to be recycling.
  • Pack your clothes in garment bags. If you’re moving a lot while away and don’t want to unpack your suitcase, these bags can serve as drawers and allow you to categorise your travel wardrobe. Equally, you can turn one into a washing bag when needed.
  • Be smart with toiletries. Lugging heavy liquids around is neither practical nor chic. Invest in travel size toiletries once, then refill them. We love Aesop. Their Jet Set kit is our choice. 

Here at The Fable, our silk shirts have been built with travel in mind. Well suited worn alone on a balmy evening in the tropics or layered with fine wool on a winter’s get away. Easy to care for, you can hand-wash your silk shirt in a hotel room basin or bath. A handy trick we’ve discovered is on arrival, hang your silk shirt in the bathroom while you have a shower. Any creases formed during travel will melt away. Lastly, silk is a lightweight and compactable fabric, meaning it will take up little of your precious suitcase space.

Next time you travel, put our tips to the test and take your silk shirt with you. It will love you for it!

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