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Fable Floral Favourites

We love that spring is finally here and all the plants and flowers are blooming! We’re massive plant fans here at The Fable HQ. Other than silk shirts, there's nothing we love more. To kick off the spring season we’ve put together a list of our 5-must-have green friends to style up your home or office.  


Also called ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’, this funky looking plant thrives on neglect so is perfect for those who are working on their green thumb. It also releases lots of oxygen in the evening so it’s a good addition to your bedroom for healthy sleeping.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Hitting its stride in 2017, the Fiddle Leaf was so popular that it could be found on every page of a magazine. And there’s a reason for that… the handsome, trendy plant perks up any space and loves being warm and in filtered light so fits well in places like your lounge or office. Repot every year or two into a bigger pot to reach tree-like status.


Zanzibar Gem

A personal favourite of Fable founder, Sophie, this indestructible plant gives character to most spaces. What’s best? It heavily thrives on neglect. Only water this guy four times a year! Great for those who are nervous about killing their plants.

Rubber Plant

With dark green leaves, the Rubber Plant or Ficus Elastica is guaranteed to give your space instant style. Watch as their bright orange/red buds come through to reveal glossy new leaves. Divine!



You may have seen this referred to as a Swiss cheese plant and you can understand why! The monstera’s striking leaves have holey definitions which get more intrinsic as it matures. If you’re wanting to add some character to your space, we highly recommend!

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